Getting the Measure of Carnforth Street Garden

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Despite it being a chilly January day, we all went down to measure up the Carnforth Road garden. 3-4 years ago there was some investment in the site, with new trees planted and posts and paths put in. As you can see in the pictures though, it’s now in a state of some disrepair. There are willows and budleia growing in clumps, lots of brambles. Many of the trees are in poor health, not helped by the protective wire having been left around them for too long. There is an apple tree, and some elder trees, but they are really quite ill.

We met two residents of Carnforth Street while we were there, who were enthusiastic to see some change in the site. we have also talked to the council’s Moss Side ward coordinator Tom Kass, to arrange a meeting about getting Heald Place primary school involved – I understand it was their students who named the site ‘Feel The Rythm’, as seen on the metal obelisks.

It has quite gravelly shallow soil on most of the site, so we are thinking raised beds might be a good idea. We are now going to take the measurements we have and draw up a plan of what is there, and then get views from local people of how they would like the site to be. Do get in contact if there is something you would like to see!