All about our Carnforth Street ‘Pocket Park’ Open Day, 17th of March 2012

After looking for local places with potential to be community gardens, we thought Carnforth St had bags of potential, but looked very neglected. After measuring and mapping the site, we contact the local council officer who told us about the existing plans. The adjacent school, Heald Place Primary, had already been looking at putting in some raised beds and a woodland walk.  It seemed there wasn’t a plan for connecting with local residents though, so we arranged this open day.

We met lots of local people on the recently cleared area, and talked about the history of the site, and the previous phase of development that had seen trees planted and bollards put in. We still don’t know anymore about the ‘Feel The Rythm’ obelisks which neither the residents, council, or local school seem to know the history of. We found out as well, that  there used to be a mine here! The houses here were apparently removed because of subsidence. We organised a bug hunt for local children, and ran a workshop on making a trellis using locally harvested bamboo and hazel. We also saw a St Patrick’s day parade pass by, to our surprise! We have high hopes for the site, and hope we can continue to help the residents, local school, and the council, to all come together to build a well used community garden that will have a long term future.