Hedging day at Moss Side Peace Gardens

We started the process of laying the hedge along the East side of Moss Side Peace Gardens. The aim of this is twofold: to make a better habitat for birds and small mammals, and to make a more effective barrier to people. You can see the effects of the current method of management, where the council use a mechanical flail, in the picture above – the base of the hedge plants thins out, and the growth concentrates at the top, eventually becoming just a thin layer of growth along the top of the hedge.

You can see the bill hook we used, a traditional kind of cutting tool that allows the ‘pleacher’ or stem that is to be laid, to be thinned down enough to bend, while retaining enough material to keep the upper part alive.

We also filled up the gaps in the raised beds, left by compaction. Given that they only had topsoil in previously, and that didn’t have the best drainage, it was a good opportunity to add organic material and improve drainage and nutrients. Hopefully planting will follow soon!