Lets get planting – and planning!


Things have been a little slow of late with the group, but there is lots coming up. Subject to confirmation still (so get in touch if interested), we will have the first meeting for a while this Thursday the 15th of November, and we will be helping cook a meal and doing a workshop on making a Windowfarm on Thursday 22nd November as part of the OK Cafe.

We are involved with an allotment site where there are plans to put up a polytunnel, meaning we can grow cucumbers (as featured in the pic above for the keen eyed!). There are some trailing tomatoes, squash and pumpkins, which may be suitable for a vertical growing system or for a windowfarm setup. And millions of salad!

We have lots to plan at the next meeting – what we are going to do on Carnforth St (we should have some funding soon), plans for the allotment perennial bed, and getting involved with the Finchley Road garden which could host our future meetings. Above all, we need to make plans for sowing and propagating all kinds of good things from January on. So if you want to get involved, drop us a line! You can use the email form on here, or even better, our Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/groups/133594593410861