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A gardening group that is about taking direct action to make our city more beautiful, more edible, more fragrant, more biodiverse, more colourful, more sustainable, and more friendly.

We aim to increase the area in the city used for growing food, giving local people space to grow their own veg while improving the urban landscape.

We aim to share skills among people in the community through community gardening sessions, among our volunteers and through helping other groups we work with to try new things in their growing projects. Such as, edible flower beds, vertical growing of ‘green walls’, and using organic and permaculture techniques such as no-dig and heugel beds.

What we do

  • Planting edibles in neglected or derelict urban spaces
  • Propagating plants for the community
  • Regular workdays on community gardens in Moss Side
  • An allotment where we try out permaculture techniques
  • Donate produce for meals open to all

Want to get involved?

If you are interested in volunteering for the Urban Gardening Project, please leave your details. We need help with practical gardening tasks, fundraising events, guerilla gardening activities, finding suitable sites, planning garden designs on existing sites, and raising awareness of our plans and what we do.

Help in the form of donations of seeds, plants, tools, compost, topsoil, land etc.  very welcome – as well as financial contributions!